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Each of these 5 elements play a role in my artwork. Though the part they play may change with each piece I create, they constantly shape my vision as an artist. 


Details have always fascinated me, often the everyday and overlooked ones. I find beauty in these details and believe in the principle that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. When these simple details are repeated, they create patterns. Whether they are organized patterns or more organic, I believe they too are beautiful. Patterns in nature especially intrigue me - things like rocks, minerals, water, and reflections. 


I want these seemingly mundane details and patterns to transcend the everyday and become a work of art in people’s eyes. To do this, I often experiment with distortion and illusion. These effects encourage you to look at details and patterns differently and change your perception of them. 


I also try to recontextualize these details and patterns by exploring abstraction. My artistic inspiration is drawn from the real world -- what I see around me. But I relish the challenge of pushing these details beyond reality, where the intrinsic beauty found in them is pulled to the forefront. I am a realist fascinated with abstraction. So, in my work, I search for that sweet spot where abstraction and realism can coexist. 


In these ways, I strive to merge detail, distortion, illusion, pattern and abstraction. As an artist, it is an exciting notion that these 5 elements have the potential for endless combinations and I am only scratching the surface of the possibilities.

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